Hephaestus FlutePiccoloOur new small Flute & Piccolo library, sampled in studio.

Flute features:

  • 5 sound patterns (silver, wood, flutter, trills, staccato) also switchable using Modulation controller
  • 3 dynamic layers + 1 overblown layer
  • non-compressed file size of 43MB (138 samples)

Piccolo features:

  • 2 dynamic layers
  • non-compressed file size of 14MB

Common features:

  • 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution
  • auto key-clicks & breath noises (deactivable)
  • manual FX on the left
  • legato
  • reverb knob
  • expressivity knob (managing attack & legato to increase the phrasing expressivity)
  • 3-band EQ & pan control
  • non-compressed total file size of 60MB
  • works with Kontakt 5.2 or newer (Full: no limits; Free: 15 mins limit)

Flute – Silver pattern DEMO

Flute – Wood pattern DEMO

Flute – Flutter, Trills & Staccato patterns DEMO

Piccolo – Solo DEMO

Flute – Into a band DEMO

Flute – Into an orchestra DEMO

TRY DEMO VERSION: includes only 1 octave (C4 – B4) for the Flute only for all the sound modes.

4 thoughts on “FLUTE & PICCOLO

  1. Enchanting realism and sound quality. Another great work. Great legato effect when using Expression control setted to 1.3K for every flute.
    Really great work & best price.

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