INFORMATION: our new website domain is (or www.hephaestusitalia.altervista.organd NOT www.hephaestussounds.comThis last domain has been hacked and it’s probably viral.

Glass Harmonica (K, Rare / Ethnics), Gran Coda (K, Acoustic Pianos).

27/08/2014 – Kontakt: added Celtic Harp (Plucked).


22/07/2014 – Kontakt: added Valley of the Pianos (Acoustic Pianos).

9/07/2014 – Kontakt: added Singers (Human Voices).

18/07/2014 – Kontakt: added FREE Steinway Grand 2 (Acoustic Pianos).

09/07/2014 – Kontakt: added Solemn (Acoustic Organs).

09/07/2014 – Site updated.

18/06/2014 – Tyros4: Solemn Voice Pack available.

17/06/2014 – Tyros4: NEXT-GEN Lite Pack available.

17/06/2014 – Kontakt: “Bad Gateway” error solved when trying to buy Pipe Festival.

08/06/2014 – Kontakt: Update2 for Pipe Festival now available.

31/05/2014 – Tyros4: added the Voice List for the NEXT-GEN Lite pack.

12/05/2014 – Kontakt: added FREE Update5 for Organissimo.

11/05/2014 – Added newsletter service. Check it from the Products menu.

29/04/2014 – Tyros4: added NEXT-GEN page.

24/04/2014 – Kontakt: added Pipe Festival.

29/03/2014 – Kontakt: added FREE Update4 for Organissimo.

14/03/2014 – Kontakt: added FREE Clarinet.

02/03/2014 – VSTi / AU: added Virtual Drummer.

02/03/2014 – Added VSTi / AU product category!

02/03/2014 – Added Francesco De Zuani (clarinet) to our musicians.

01/02/2014 – Kontakt: added FREE Update3 for Organissimo.

21/01/2014 – Kontakt: added FREE DEMO versions for evaluating libraries into the “buy” section.

20/01/2014 – Kontakt: added FREE Update2 for Organissimo.

18/01/2014 – Kontakt: added FREE Update1 for Organissimo.

01/01/2014 – Kontakt: added New Year Bundle (Kontakt Bundle 1).

22/12/2013 – Kontakt: added FREE Clean Guitar.

12/12/2013 – Kontakt: Protagonist Drums no longer available.

08/12/2013 – Tyros4: Male Solo voice available for sale.

06/12/2013 – Kontakt: added FREE drum kit from Protagonist Drums.

01/12/2013 – Kontakt: Organissimo library announced.

16/11/2013 – Tyros4: added FREE Female Solo.

15/11/2013 – Kontakt: Fairy Tale Harp library available for sale.

12/11/2013 – Kontakt: added FREE Female Solo.

07/11/2013 – Added Carlotta Gambarelli (harp) to our musicians.

05/11/2013 – Kontakt: added FREE Hang Drum.

24/10/2013 – Kontakt: added FREE Bright Acoustic Piano & Oboe UPDATE1.

20/10/2013 – Kontakt: Protagonist Drums library available for sale.

13/10/2013 – Kontakt: Flute & Piccolo library available for sale.

10/10/2013 – Tyros4: Nylon Guitar voice available for sale.

08/10/2013 – New site now with WordPress engine.

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  1. your free libraries are awesome.but the clean guitar zip archive is damaged.i downloaded and it couldnt be precious data was wasted on that one.please do something about it.i ll download again when fixed…..sigh!

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